How can I get contextual and relevant links on my website?

How can I get contextual and relevant links on my website?

by Marie-Mathilde Baraer on 23/07/2021

Updated at 7/02/2023

What is a contextual link?

You've all seen contextual links before but may not have realized it. A contextual link is a link inserted in a text by association with one or more keywords. What is better than a picture to explain what a contextual link is?

example link contextual

As you can see above, the words "Le logo" are in blue because if you move your mouse over them you can click and open the link associated with these words. In this case, for the article that Oshara wrote, the link associated with the words goes to the agency's service page that promotes logo design.

Contextual links can be internal or external links. An internal link is a link that refers the user to one of your contents. While an external link is a link that directs the user to another website than yours. Internal links are good for creating a link to your own website and reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the amount of time a user spends on your website, all pages combined. If the bounce rate is high, it means that the user did not spend much time on your website. On the contrary, if it is low, it is because you have been able to offer the user a content that makes him stay on your website. On the other hand, external links are useful to gain credibility, announce your sources or recommendations to your audience by directing them to the websites you recommend.

What are the advantages of contextual links?

There are many benefits to using contextual links. We're talking primarily about SEO and user experience. Indeed, not only are contextual links gold for your SEO, they are also a way to provide a better experience for your readers.

User experience

Let's start with the user experience you provide to your readers by adding contextual links. This is an opportunity for you to suggest the reader to consult your sources, or other pages from your own website, so that they can get more details. Or you can recommend a website that might be of interest to them because it is related to your text. The reader then has several websites to consult at his fingertips to continue his research. This is also useful when you are talking about technical terms that you have already explained elsewhere in your website. By referring readers to other pages on your website you give them the opportunity to learn more in a simple and contextual way.

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Now, let's talk about the SEO improvements that contextual links bring you. Indeed, it is a benefit for you as well as for your audience. Take the opportunity to use internal and external links to promote your own products or services to readers. Moreover, by adding links to other pages on your website, your bounce rate will decrease, which will considerably improve your natural referencing. The reader spends time on a page and then consults another page that always refers to your website and so on. This allows Google to deduce that your content is of quality and give you a better ranking in the search engine results. However, it is also up to you to take the opportunity to include external sources that have credibility on the internet. That is, consider including links to websites that themselves have good SEO, low bounce rates and relevant visits. Basically, refer your readers to sources that are reliable, visible and reputable. This way, Google once again understands that your content is of higher quality which encourages it to highlight you on the platform.

Important numbers:

  1. The first page of Google rankings has on average 3.8 times more backlinks than pages 2-10. This is proof that links are very important in your SEO. That said, link quality trumps quantity, so if you want to rank high in Google results, focus on contextual links.
  2. 91% of all web pages receive no organic traffic, mainly because they have no backlinks pointing to their content. Again, having contextual links on your website that take the user back to other content on your site will help you drive traffic to all of your pages.
  3. 53% of people think that links will still be one of the main criteria for search engine ranking in the future. It seems that links are one of the three most important criteria in the eyes of Google for SEO and it will remain so. So all the work you do on your links now helps you for the future.

How to make contextual links?

You will have understood that in contextual links we are talking about context. It is therefore useless to put links in your text without aligning them with the context. Here, you must seek to facilitate and engage the reading of Internet users by giving them an enriching and easy experience. For example, when you talk about a source, connect your source link to the most relevant keywords in your text. Or, if you want to encourage a reader to visit another page on your website related to the topic, leave the link to that new page in the most relevant keywords of the text they are reading. This way, readers who are curious to learn more will click on the links, have a good learning experience and visit your website for a longer period of time. It's all beneficial!

Check out an example of a bad contextual link and a good contextual link:

  1. Consult Oshara agency for your SEO...
  2. Consult the Montreal SEO agency for a free consultation...

Proposal 1 will be less effective for your SEO because Google will understand that the keyword "Oshara" links to your website. Whereas with the 2nd proposal, Google will understand that the keywords "Montreal SEO agency" are associated with the Oshara website. When someone searches for Oshara in the search engine, they will already come across the Oshara website without even needing the contextual link. On the other hand, when someone does a search in Google with the keywords "SEO agency Montreal", chances are that Google will suggest Oshara's website thanks to this contextual link.

To conclude, Oshara advises you to favor the placement of contextual links in the texts of your website and to carefully choose the external sites that you link to on your website. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Oshara web agency based in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a link related to its context. You often find links associated with keywords in the texts you read. If the link is related to what the text says, then it is a contextual link.

The answer is both. A contextual link is a link related to the text that is associated with keywords. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the link is external or internal, as long as it corresponds to the context in which it is used, it is a contextual link.

Yes, external and internal links help your SEO. However, the quality of the link matters more than the quantity. That's why contextual links are the most effective in terms of SEO.

The external links that improve your SEO are those that have a good SEO themselves. Indeed, the more the link you put on your website has a visit, an authority, a low bounce rate, the more Google associates you to this standard. So by putting links that perform well in SEO you gain a better reputation with Google and will be put forward.

Marie-Mathilde Baraer

Marie-Mathilde is a marketing assistant at Oshara Inc. She likes to write about what she is learning in digital marketing, the industry and the different technologies.

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