How a Business Consultant can help your Business

How a Business Consultant can help your Business

by Joe Shara on 28/12/2018

Updated at 27/01/2023

“I am in the solutions’ business” that is how most of the consultants will respond to anyone who asks them what they do. A consultant is an individual who has expertise in a respective field and offers advice relating to the field at a specified cost. In our case, a business consultant is an expert in business, and they give appropriate advice to business institutions so that they get paid. Business consultants primarily work regarding the contract and are generally hired for shorter periods. All the same, a business consultant may also be employed by a consulting firm.

Consultants, many times, are hired to assist in identifying problems in systems which are complex. For instance, business systems. Since a business consultant plays the role of providing relevant advice, they may not be held responsible for any result. They have absolute freedom of identifying problems and coming up with solutions for them, that other internal employees of a business cannot or may be quite reluctant to provide.

Strategy and management business consultants, for example, can be generalists who provide advice on a broader range of concerns regarding business. Such consultants could focus on restructuring the whole process of business or working with the business line so that they realize a new process and get things back on track again. A business consultant offers expertise in an area which is highly targeted. Such areas include situations whereby a company finds it uneconomical to hire someone to work for them on a full-time basis. Therefore, it is economically upright for them to hire someone on a short-term basis. The industry of business consultancy is among the markets which are currently very diverse. However, having the ‘consultant’ title is never a guaranteed professional title, unlike other professions. With the full range of fields that a business consultant could venture in, there has been a consequent increase in the number of consultants who are independent.

Various institutions hire business consultants for various reasons. Among them are:

The need to temporarily acquire a brain. A business institution may not have the necessary resources regarding human labor, which does not necessarily include physical labor. Sometimes these institutions may require individuals to help them think through a crucial financial situation. This leads to the hiring of business consultants for a temporary period. There is no need to make business consultants work on a full-time basis. Short term basis employment of business consultants minimizes cost and utilizes them. Their maximum utility is realized in the aspect that, not at all times will businesses require advice. So for the periods that they will entirely require consultancy services, then they ought to acquire them.

Preside over change. Business consultants have expertise in initiating change in the business institution. For example, in an institution or company with much internal discontent concerning regular changes, then with the help of a business consultant, this could solve the problem. Business consultants are always brought in as political covers. This is in the sense that business consultants may suggest a reduction in the number of employees in a company to reduce costs. Such shows the importance of business consultants in presiding over change.

To teach and oversee the implementation of sound policies. Business consultants, more than often, have turned out to be the leaders in the respective companies that they are working in. Not only do they have the necessary expertise in the field, but also they have experience in working with several companies to help them implement change.

To teach creativity. Business consultants carry a different perspective on how a particular business should be. Therefore, employing a business consultant will help significantly in influencing the ideas and perception of the employees about the company they are working for. Other employees may not see the bigger picture regarding the market, but business consultants have the potential to share out their expertise in the form of bright ideas and creative thinking to the company.

Provide training. Business consultants could be hired to share the knowledge that they have. Inform of presentations and talks, business consultants provide training to various employees in an institution.

Generally, business consultants are diverse due to the current demand for consultancy services in the business world. They could be grouped as follows:

Strategy and business management business consultants. Business consultants who are qualified should have a rich understanding of a particular type of market. Consequently, they should be able to bring the best practices they have learned and used in other businesses to your business. If, for instance, you would like to cut on operating costs in your business, then hiring a strategic and management business consultant would be most preferred.

Operations business consultant. They are appropriate to cater for the need by a business to improve the quality and efficiency in the process of production. They could help in implementing new methods of production that are both cost-effective and lead to the production of high quality and services.

Human resource business consultants. sometimes business institutions may feel the need to improve the overall contentedness of their staff, retain the top performing employees or recruit new ones. Human resource business consultants may use strategies that go in line with the overall goals of the business by training the employees and helping them develop in various areas such as leadership and business communication. This could play a significant role in a better overall performance of employees.

Marketing business consultants. Marketing strategies vary, from company logos, social media, to the need for new marketing positions. Business consultants with expertise in marketing help institutions adopt the appropriate marketing strategies for their businesses.

IT business consultants. This has turned out to be a fast-growing field of business consultancy. This is as a result of the ever-developing technology and therefore the need by companies to meet the demands of this technology. It does not matter whether you need to integrate a new system or improve an existing one, business institutions will always require IT, experts, to help them out. Businesses may develop a wide range of problems regarding IT. 

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Broader review of IT business consultants encompasses:

Business IT consultants are also known as technology or digital consultants. Their main focus is assisting clients in issues relating to the advancing technology in their organization. Just as other business consultants, they work on a short-term basis. Majority of them deal with the implementation of projects such as the integration of new projects. In this field, the fastest growing areas are data science, forensics, and cybersecurity.

Business IT consultants assist business institutions in making decisions relating to the purchase of new technological equipment and the problems that may consequently arise from the implementation of this technology. Currently, IT consultants provide services such as value-added resellers, the integration of systems among other services. For instance, a business institution adopting a new system will opt to hire an IT consultant instead of training employees or to hire new ones who are competent with the system. This is necessary to cut on the overall operating costs.

Business IT Consultants in business institutions may lay their focus on cloud computing. Over recent years, cloud computing has been an essential tool for various users. The users of cloud computing include these business institutions. They use cloud computing in various ways. For instance, business institutions with many employees make use of cloud computing to store the data regarding their employees. IT consultants assist these users in defining their requirements, selecting the appropriate cloud service provider and helping them in manage the data. They could also assist in creating cloud managing strategies that focus on minimizing costs related to cloud services. These help companies realize a maximum profit, yet at the same time, the enjoy cloud services. For example, their data is kept safe at minimal costs.

Other growing areas in business IT consultancy is the security of technology being used, the governance of information, together with e-discovery and its compliance. IT Consultants who are well conversant with such areas are hired by business institutions to look at the possible risks that could face the organization, identify the possible effects that face them, and formulate recommendations to the institution to help in mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with government policies.

Generally, for every IT business consultant and any other business consultant, the first step in their service delivery is always the discovery phase. This is the phase where the consultant needs to gain information about the business of the client. This could entail meeting with the owners, the board of directors and the staff and gather as much information as is necessary. In the end, the consultant will have a piece of vast information regarding the business, and they will know where they will start.

Consultancy phases

After the discovery phase, the business consultant will proceed to an evaluation phase where their crucial goal is to identify the areas that need to be changed. This entails identifying both the weaknesses and strengths of the company and, as well, predicting any problems that may occur in the future. These may include problems that have been seen already by the management. In the evaluation phase, the business consultant ought to identify areas that could lead to the general growth of the business and increased profits.

Apart from identifying opportunities and the problems that could arise, a business consultant ought to come up with the solutions to these problems. There should be well laid out plans on how to capitalize on opportunities. A good illustration of this is a company that has a great department of sales but a weak department of marketing. This presents itself as a perfect opportunity for a company to double the marketing resources it has, capitalizing on sales. This phase also brings the need of consultants to maintain clear and open communication.

It is always essential for owners of a business to treat the advice from the business consultant with absolute obedience. At this stage, whether the consultant criticizes the owner or not, the owner should always take it positively. Through this, the business consultant can create objectivity and a fresher point of view.

Once the consultant and the owner reach an agreement on the plan they should use, the business consultant will enter the final phase, the restructuring phase. In this phase, the plan is implemented, and the consultant will have to build on more assets and get rid of liabilities. Here, the progress should be monitored over time even after its implementation is thorough and through.

Finding the right consultant & price

Another crucial part for the management of a business institution is finding the right business consultant. The right and appropriate consultant should be passion –driven, committed to excellence, and have a positive perception about the organization. It is always crucial to find a business consultant with vast knowledge and experience in the respective industry. They should be familiar with the problems facing a company and have the appropriate solutions for them.

Nowadays, anyone could proclaim themselves as consultants. With the fast-growing technology, IT consultants are indeed increasing. However, it always requires a right combination of various skills to create good business consultancy. Certification plays a crucial role in identifying the right business consultants. Vetting is recommended for business consultants. It is essential searching for any professional information regarding them, their history, failures, and achievements.

Business consultants may not be cheap. In fact with the growing demand for them, particularly the IT consultants, there is a growing need for their services. Therefore they have turned out to be relatively expensive. However, the services they provide have helped to boost and increase profitability, and consequently the growth of business institutions. They have contributed to identifying potential opportunities for businesses to thrive in and have eliminated almost all setbacks.

Business consultants barely use the word ‘problem.’ They are a group of optimistic people who always consider the existence of opportunities to increase value. Despite the criticism that is sometimes directed to business consultants, they indeed bring about change to companies. There exists a wide range of issues regarding businesses that business consultants can provide solutions. There exist different types of business consultants. All of them bring different ideas to the table. Consultants can relatively be expensive. However, there is a need to weigh both their merits and demerits and consider if, consequently, the business will benefit. Owners of businesses should put into consideration the need for hiring business consultants. They, however, should do so only when they need them to minimize on costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The need to temporarily acquire a brain. 2. To preside over the change. 3. Teaching and overseeing the implementation of sound policies. 4. Teaching creativity.

1. Strategy and business management consultants. 2. Business operations consultants 3. Business marketing consultants. 4. IT consultants.

A business consultant is an expert in business and provides appropriate advice to business institutions to get paid. Business consultants work mainly on a contract basis and are usually hired for shorter periods. However, a business consultant can also be employed by a consulting firm.

Business consultants are not necessarily cheap. In fact, with the increasing demand for their services, especially for IT consultants, their services are increasingly in demand. Therefore, they have proven to be relatively expensive. However, the services they provide have been instrumental in stimulating and increasing the profitability, and therefore the growth of business institutions. They have helped identify potential opportunities for businesses and have eliminated almost all setbacks.

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