Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Business Development Software

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Business Development Software

by Joe Shara on 17/12/2018

Updated at 1/02/2023

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Business Development Software Outsourcing is the art of acquiring products from another company. Outsourcing has been proven as one of the main factors that have caused success to several organizations in the world. There are many things that a company can outsource. Today we are going to talk about outsourcing of business software. In business, outsourcing is a business practice in which an organization employs another person or web agency to perform a certain task, provide service or handle operations that were previously done or executed by company’s own employees.

There are a host of reasons why businesses should outsource their services. The following are the importance of outsourcing software development, they include; cost savings, time savings, insufficient in-house expertise, flexibility, availability of external talented IT experts, it gives a focused strategy, offers improved compliance, provides enhanced accuracy, enables risk mitigation and offers technology advancements.

Choose the Right Development Firm

Before outsourcing a web app for your firm it is paramount to choose the right development firm for your outsourced software. Choosing the right web development agency will let everything to fall into place. When choosing the right web development company, it is advisable to choose two or more potential firm and conduct a thorough scrutiny of each web agency. Conduct a due diligence on the cons and pros of each app development agency. This will help you in deciding on the right software to go with.

Technology Standards Matters

The standards of technology matter a lot. Before choosing the right web development agency, it is paramount to keep yourself abreast with the current advancement in technology. Technology is continually changing in different countries, therefore, before outsourcing software development it is good to look for an enterprise that is highly competitive in the market for better technological prowess.

Mitigation of the Risk

You can mitigate risks which are incurred by your business by opting for high technology standards matters that have a tried-and-true process for developing software applications and a high-quality project management system. Make sure you choose the right web development company- a firm with a good reputation and good customer reviews.

The Accuracy of the Software

Before outsourcing any software it is prudent to have a keen eye on the accuracy of the software. The higher the degree of accuracy of the software the better the productivity of the business. When outsourcing your software get your software from an offshore development that will improve the accuracy of your work in terms of given deadlines on the projects.

The Degree of Compliance of the Software

The main aim of most businesses is to make a profit, therefore it is good to ensure that you get what you paid for. Do not accept anything less than what you pay for. To achieve this objective, you must ascertain that the web app that you purchase has a high level of compliance. Choose the right web development agency that produces an automated compliance web app that will reduce human follow-ups in business processes.

Opt for a Software that has a Focused Strategy

When outsourcing software development; choose the right web development Montreal that produces web app that is able to streamline business processes. This is important in attaining competitive advantage in the technological race. Ensure that you get what you paid for-going for a duplicate or counterfeit web app will limit the growth of your business as your competitors will have a more organized platform.


The main aim of outsourcing an enterprise process is to increase the productivity of the business by lowering expenditure on labor and operational cost. While improving the bottom line, the question of how effective the web app can work in achieving cost-efficiency comes in when we think of choosing the right development firm. If you offshore your app from a substandard software developer, you may not achieve the advantage of minimized running cost.

Outsourcing well-crafted software that confers maintenance tasks such as payroll. Will help you to avoid the cost of hiring in-house experts to manage accounts for the business. This will help the business to free up capital that can be used in other investments. However, the core activities should not be outsourced. This is because the company should have enough expertise to manage its in-house accounts. Moreover, the company should endeavor to keep its production secrets. Outsourcing in-house accounts would put the company at a risk of losing its competitive advantage. Just like Google Company would not outsource its SEO algorithm innovation to a third party-in-house knowledge should remain in the heart of the business.

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Business Reputation

The success of an enterprise partially depends on its reputation. Every service produced or sold by the business is highly scrutinized in the social media. People tend to go for services that have zero negative reviews. Often, business dies and live by their reputation. Before offshoring any management software into your business, it is very important to put your reputation into accounts. Failing to place your reputation at a safe lodge while outsourcing development software is the biggest mistake that a company can make. Let’s take the example of a call center when call centers are outsourced effectively clients hardly realize that they are not served by an in-house representative. However, if the outsourcing process is poorly done, there will be a series of disconnect between buyers and business and its customer service becomes quite apparent leading to a costly backlash. When outsourcing a business development software, it’s paramount to look at both sides of the outsourcing process. Offshoring a business development software may free up huge capital, but if the outsourced product tarnishes the business reputation, it will be costly to rebuild the business reputation-it can be higher than any initial savings.


When planning to outsource web app, it is crucial to choose the right web development company. Most companies aim at transforming their innovations and offerings like a small start-up company. However, internal practices and constraints can stifle this. Established companies should engage in investing their capital in disruptive innovations which are the cornerstone to the development plan of the business. Therefore, offshoring processes such as software development are the best solution to breed success to your business as most of the in-house employees may be too busy and engrossed in in-house activities to think out of the box. However, technology matters-outsource the best technology. Ensure that you get what you paid for.

When outsourcing of technology is done carefully, such innovation is quite lucrative and soothing to the business. By identifying and researching new business development software in the market, the disruptive firm gets the highest market share leaving the competitors to lag behind. If you don’t get the best software for your business, your competitor will do, therefore, you should wake up from your slumber land and get what you paid for. Choose the right development firm from which you outsource your innovations; remember technology matters a lot.

If you chose the wrong partner, your business will be set back in terms of growth and innovation, this will result in missed opportunities. A business partner should be adaptive and agile- he should be able to adapt to the changing business needs and customer wants. The partner should be able to work closely with the business throughout his partnership.

Communication and Collaboration

Due to the continuous growth of agile development in popularity, with continuous collaboration and communication at the core of innovative initiatives and projects. It is important to keep this fact in your mind before offshoring development software from a third party. At some instance, the time for communication may be limited. Before outsourcing a product from a third party it is prudent to ensure that you have enough communication with the company from which you want to outsource your development software. Remember that technology matters. Outsourcing your software from a company that you don’t have enough communication with; can result in unnecessary long lead times or impact the quality of your product.

Culture Differences

In most cases, businesses tend to overlook culture differences while choosing the right development firm. When outsourcing your software, you should not underestimate culture differences. Business should work harder to overcome cultural differences as is often considered up-front.

Calculate Risk

Offshoring business software is often viewed as an inevitably risky option, it is true that outsourcing a business software is a risky approach, however, and the nature of risks involved depends on the type of process outsourced. Outsourcing core business software is riskier as you have minimal control of the vital elements of your organization which can result in untold problems. You should choose your development software from the right development firm. Remember that technology matters a lot. Therefore, outsourcing of a business process should be a well-calculated move that will confer business with an opportunity to have a full exploration of the market to work with other business protocols to generate high-quality results.

You should opt for the best software-get what you paid for. Go for a business software that has a highly innovative input and turn around at a low cost. This will enable you to test the water with the product. The product may hit the market within a short period of time.

Get what you paid for

Before outsourcing a business software it is crucial to evaluate the amount of time that the software will take to bring rewards into the business. Some software is quite sluggish in their operation and therefore going for such software would cause your enterprise to always lag behind your competitors. However, it may be impossible for companies to handle all their tasks internally, therefore, outsourcing business processes are indispensable. But, you should get what you paid for. This means that you should choose the right development firm from which you outsource your processes. This is because technology matters a lot in competition and in the management of business leads. Going for a sluggish software yet aiming at disrupting the market would be a great mistake that can be impossible to bounce back from.

Nature of software

Before purchasing your business software to another firm, it is important to evaluate whether the software is one of your key competencies. The rule of the thumb is that at no time should a business outsource its key competencies. Outsourcing your key competencies is like relinquishing you competitive secrets to your antagonists which is synonymous to relinquishing the control of your business.

Protect Your Secret Sauce

In order to keep the start-up secrete sauce within your control, it is prudent to avoid outsourcing your development software from dubious third-party companies. Instead, you should choose the right development firm or hire an independent professional software developer. Another question that you should ask yourself before outsourcing your development software is whether the software is creative or operational. As the rule of thumb, you should only outsource operational software such as process automation and reservation systems. It is advisable to do your creative products in-house. Creative operations include consumer games, chips design programs, and architectural renderings.

Also, it is prudent to get what you paid for. For example, you should know whether you want to outsource a software product or software services. Software services are customized to perform a certain function and they hardly confer the intended advantage to the business. On the other hand, once a software product is written, it requires minimal skills and efforts to deliver it to prospects.

Consideration of intellectual property.

Before outsourcing your processes, it is important to understand that most software development companies have minimal respect for intellectual property. For example, about ninety percent of software used in China and Vietnam are pirated. You should fortify your intellectual property against any misuse and theft by coming up with creative non-disclosure agreements and contracts. This will ensure that you have protected your secret sauce. However, protection of secrete sauce depends on technology matters. Therefore, choose the right development firm for your software.


I know you might be on the verge of choosing the right company to outsource your business software. Our company is highly reputed for its long-term operation in the provision of high-quality software. We will protect your secret sauce and provide you with a fast growing competitive advantage in the prospect market. For more information contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Cost and time savings, 2- Insufficient internal expertise, 3- Flexibility, 4- Availability of talented external IT experts, 5- Focused strategy, 6- Improved compliance, 7- Increased accuracy, 8- Risk mitigation and technological advancements.

1- Not finding a good subcontractor 2- Subcontractor does not master your technology 3- Too much risk 4- Not enough compliance 5- Not profitable 6- Bad reputation 7- Poor communication and collaboration 8- Too much cultural difference

Outsourcing has proven to be one of the key success factors for many organizations around the world.

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