Emailing: 6 essential marketing practices in 2022

Emailing: 6 essential marketing practices in 2022

by Nicolas Chevillard on 24/06/2022

Updated at 7/02/2023

With more than 306 billion emails sent per day (Statista), this is a constantly rising figure. The number is already estimated at nearly 347 billion for 2023. 

On the other hand, the most interesting statistic if you are still hesitating to get into email marketing and integrate it into your web marketing strategy is surely the following: 

  • The return on investment of email marketing is simply the highest of all possible marketing actions with an email marketing ROI rate of 28.5% (Chief Marketing).

We manage to reach this figure thanks to the strong loyalty of readers and the ease of use and conversion offered by email marketing.

In this article, we are going to share with you 6 essential email marketing practices to know in 2022 and which will allow you to greatly increase your purchase conversions on your website, lead conversions and increase your web traffic. As a marketing agency and web agency, we find it important to give you these email marketing tips, because we have noticed that once these practices are in place for our clients, we can significantly increase their profitability and results of their email marketing campaigns.


Lots of newsletters 

Today, the era of spam is totally over and email marketing has become the most successful way to engage in a one-on-one relationship with your customers. The mass newsletters that today most people consider as spam, have not had the same popularity for a few years, it is now necessary to personalize your newsletters and your marketing emails in order to give better experience to your users.

In 2022 web marketing agencies are beginning to understand the importance of establishing a privileged relationship with their customers in order to communicate brand awareness in service of attaining customer loyalty.

Email marketing personalization

Personalizing a marketing email is a major element these days. Indeed, you have to succeed in adopting a coherent and personalized message for your customers according to the journey they have made on your website. In your approach, you must succeed in going beyond the basic personalization elements such as: the first name, the last

Personalization depends a lot on the products you sell, but also on the specific usage patterns, that's why as a marketing agency we are going to propose to you several email marketing personalization tips that we suggest to our clients for their online store and services.

Control of your data 

When it comes to email marketing, mastering your data is important in order to create much more effective email marketing campaigns. A clean, organized and qualified database will help you create a more personalized communication, for your customer, but especially on a time when they are open to it. The proper and healthy usage of your marketing data from email marketing campaigns will always have positive impact such as : 

  • The building of tailored communication paths for your customers, controlling marketing pressure.

  • However, it is also possible to deliver your marketing emails directly to the customer's email box and not to the spam. 

But to set up an effective and qualitative marketing database, here are some important elements to respect: 

  • obtain the email address of your visitors as quickly as possible with, for example, collection pop-ups offering promotions or discounts.
  • Set up a registration or account creation form for your users without forgetting to obtain their consent.
  • Introduce sending a verification email marketing when a visitor registers in order to verify the latter's commitment.
  • Communicate clearly and transparently about what type of reading materials and communication subscribers will receive. 
  • Note for each registrant, a commitment score and a marketing pressure score.

Marketing automation 

Marketing automation is more than a buzzword these days. It is used in practically all web marketing and web agencies, as it is an ideal solution to save you a considerable amount of time by triggering a marketing action based on an action performed by a user. In addition to this, the personalization of email marketing, you get a great combo.

The goal of marketing automation is to save time by optimizing and automating your tasks, such as sending reminder emails to several contacts. Its primary objective is to reach the right person at the right time with the right message. Thanks to marketing automation, we can set up different conversion objectives (conversion of purchases on the site, conversion of leads, conversion of traffic generation on the site).

However, marketing automation will also allow you to measure the interest rate of your prospects for each of your actions. That means for each marketing campaign you can create predefined and fully automated task scenarios and succeed in observing with precision the rate of engagement of your leads at each stage of your conversion tunnel. This is exactly where lead scoring comes in.

emailing tips

The lead scoring 

79% of B2B companies do not score their leads. Lead scoring is a fully automated solution that is very easy to implement and will allow you to measure your customer's interest in your company or your product.

Example of lead scoring calculation .Ref : Up By Web

A lead scoring tool will allow you to attribute points to your customer and to define a global score for each action he performs (visiting your website, subscribing to your social networks, reading your newsletter or an article of your blog, downloading a free document from your website). 

lead scoring emailing

The idea here being that the higher your prospect's rating, the more likely they are to convert. All you have to do is choose the right message to send him with a marketing email that will push him to buy.

Structure and content of your marketing emails

For a good structure of email marketing, it is necessary to find the happy medium between a clear and precise message and a layout pleasant to read. Also remember to arouse curiosity in your reader is just as important to generate engagement. Even if there is a real boom for text-only content in 2022, you can continue to play on the hyper personalization of content.

But it is also possible to use simpler formats for your emails with mainly textual content, we are going to give you some essential techniques to properly structure your marketing emails: 

  • Add your company logo or image to the email banner. 
  • Always say “ Hello ” at the beginning of an email, to humanize the relationship with the prospect.
  • Clearly state the purpose of your email marketing, “ I am sending you this email following your order on our site…
  • Put in your email the important elements in bold to direct the reader where you want them.
  • Insert the call to action with an imperative phrase and a hyperlink like “click here”.
  • Add in the content of the mail an image preferably by putting a hyperlink on it, because most people click on the images.
  • Sign the email to once again humanize the conversation, with the phrase “see you soon ” which indirectly encourages the person to click on your link.
  • This is not mandatory, but you can also add a “ PS ” to your email with a funny sentence or an anecdote.

If you have read this article on digital email marketing, you now have all the keys to successful email marketing campaigns. We are in 2022 and web marketing is constantly evolving so we advise you to subscribe to our blog to be aware of all the latest marketing trends and succeed in your marketing campaigns. 

Moreover, if you would like to know more about the subject or wish to improve your marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to consult this service page or simply contact us for a free consultation and personalized support for your needs and your budget. 

We are a web marketing agency specializing. We have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and increase their conversion rates. 

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Nicolas Chevillard

Nicolas is a marketing assistant for Oshara Inc. He is passionate about digital and loves creating content on the theme of marketing and technology to teach you more!

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