All about metadata

All about metadata

by Christian Bagnimbo on 11/04/2021

Updated at 27/01/2023

Having a website is a great idea for your business. But you need to make it visible and thus have several visits from Internet users. To achieve this, you will have to go through SEO using metadata. What is metadata? How to use them? How does it help your SEO? In this article, Oshara, your favorite SEO agency in Montreal will give you the answers to all these questions.

What is metadata?

Metadata is a search engine optimization tool. It is the information about the content of your website that you send to search engines like Google for example.

So when an Internet user types on Google for example "SEO Longueuil", Google will search for pages containing information such as "SEO Longueuil". This information is contained in the metadata. In the case of our example, the metadata of the page "SEO in Longueuil" of our website will talk to Google and seduce it into placing the page in the first search results. 

Metadata are tags that describe the pages of your site and summarize the content of your pages for search engines and users. The writing of metadata is therefore very important when creating your pages, articles because it acts directly on the natural referencing of your site.

Different types of metadata

There are different types of metadata (keywords, file names), but the two most important are the meta title and the meta description.

Indeed, it is this information that is displayed on the search results page when a user performs a search in his favorite search engine. They play a big role in the Internet user's decision on whether or not to find your content relevant. It is therefore very important to write them well. The title and the description are also the elements favored by Google because they offer very good clues on the content of the web page concerned.

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The title (meta title)

The title of your page, often called meta title, represents the name of the page. It is this name and title that is managed and displayed by search engines. Do not confuse this title with the title of your content often represented with an H1. For a perfect display we advise you to put 70 characters maximum for your meta title.e in pixel than in character. However, we can see that for a title tag not cut by Google, it must contain about 70 characters maximum.

The meta title is the title of your page, it must be unique and specific to each page. you must avoid having the same name on two pages or more. Otherwise you will lose points in the search engines. In short, one page, one meta-title.

Meta title

SEO optimization of your title ( meta_title )

Your page title must contain the main keyword of your content at the beginning of it. On this point, put only one keyword in the title. Avoid putting a lot of them. 

Put numbers in your title often. Example: How to produce quality content in 2021? Top 5 strategies for...

Make titles with questions. With a site like "how to do...?", you arouse more curiosity from the Internet user. This can easily push him to read your content

Create emotion with your titles. A title that gives emotion is more likely to attract the user than a normal title.

Meta description

The description (meta description)

The meta description, as its name suggests, is the description of your page. In other words, a small summary or overview of what is on the page. This tag is not to be neglected because it determines whether the user will click to visit your page or not. It is important to know that Internet users often take the time to read the description of your page in order to know if they can get the result of their search on your page. It is therefore essential that it is well written and as accurate as possible to push the customer to visit your page. The meta description tag is very important for your SEO, because the more people will click on your page, the more Google will find that you offer quality content and will put you forward.

Having seen above that the titles of pages must be unique, the description must also be unique. Each page must have its own description. Avoid having the description of a page on others.

SEO optimization of your description ( meta_description )

One of the essential points to focus on is the addition of the main keyword in the description. When reading the description, the user must find what he is looking for.

Do not copy and paste. Search engines will know if you copy another and will not highlight your content. Be inspired by others but do not copy them. Be original.

Use phrases that call to action. The meta description is very important because it can push the user to go and see your article or not. It is therefore essential to invite the user through your description to click on your page to get a given result.

Finally, it is important to remember the importance of metadata. Indeed, your page may be beautiful with quality content, if the metadatas are neglected, you will see pages less good than yours highlighted on search engines. It is very important not to take metadata writing lightly. If you do it well and have quality content on your page you are guaranteed to appear in the first position in search results.

If you find this work too complicated, use our web marketing services to help you rank better on search engines like Google for example.

Christian Bagnimbo

Christian is a project manager and SEO specialist for Oshara. A true geek and digital lover, he loves to share his passion for digital marketing, technology and everything that goes with it.

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