Advertise without breaking the bank

Advertise without breaking the bank

by Joe Shara on 2/08/2018

Updated at 10/12/2022

Today's article focuses on influential marketing, a sub-category of marketing, very useful in the launch phase of a new product.
This very active phase can destabilize companies that wish to use it especially when choosing the influencer. It is not easy to contact your image promoter and formulate a request without appearing unwelcome. Oshara gives you clarifications to help you in this step.

The good influencer.

Before sending a multitude of requests to the most popular influencers, it is useful to do a scouting job.
To find the "right influencer" for your company, you need to find an influencer consistent with your values. Moreover, it may seem obvious, but the latter must be an audience close to yours.

3 criteria are to be taken into consideration

  • The influencer must bring an active community together, or the community will take their messages and references into account. To check this, subscribers should have the habit of sharing, exchanging, commenting regularly around publications.
  • The community must still be consistent, in order to reach as many people as possible.
  • And the influencer's audience must share the same interest in your brand's theme.

Don't focus on celebrities. The best influencers are mostly very active enthusiasts, who with their sense of quality communication, have succeeded in establishing themselves as a reference. They can also be an expert in a profession in a field in which they share its evolution.

Chasing the right influencer.

The good influencer, is on the web, so it is necessary to do his research on the net. This step takes time, because it is necessary to go through Twitter accounts, watch hours of videos on Youtube, read blogs associated with your theme...
This stage is chronophage, by its phase of sorting because nowadays there are many influencers.
To facilitate this selection phase, I made a list of process and tools, allowing a first sorting on the net.
Bring together sites with many custom blogs, such as Blogonet or Wikio, to view lists of the most influential blogs in your area. Through these blogs, they will be easier to denicher the identity of your next influencer.
These personalized portals record, analyze and classify according to the themes and interactions generated. If an article collects the 600 likes quickly, it's a clue of a good blog that can match you.
For your research on the web, I tested it is not obvious in front of the impressive amount of information. The ideal is to use tools such as Buzzsumo to help you.
Thanks to its many filters, you will already be able to target your searches and save time. These filters range from the choice of language, country, type of content (artciles, videos, blogs...) according to the dates of their publication.
Otherwise there are specialized platforms, which facilitate contacts with influencers in your sector.
We advise you to draw up a short list, not a single one because they are so much in demand, that it is difficult to get a quick and positive response. And which also correspond to your communication campaign periods.


Soliciting without bothering

Have you found your potential influencers ideal? Now, this is the most delicate stage, the first contact.
As I mentioned earlier, influencers are regularly solicited by dozens of companies per week. In order to support you in this difficult task, below are some best practices to adopt.
View their blog or social network profiles in detail. You will find useful information on how to contact them and what types of collaboration they are interested in.
This data collection will allow you to personalize the first email you send them. This is always well seen by the recipient. Do not contact them via social network messaging platforms. Their messengers are often flooded with questions and thanks from their subscribers.
The realization of the message will require you work. It is essential to write clear messages, so that your name, the name of your company and its status within it are clearly displayed. And don't forget to make your proposal explicit. Without these essential elements, your mail will go directly into the recycle bin.
Get straight to the point and be transparent! With the number of proposals from all brands. They know what your interests are by contacting them.
So don't go 10,000 ways, focus on the benefits and advantages that your partnership will bring.
The first contact is rarely made by phone, it is mostly by email or via private messaging Twitter that it happens best. Expect long return times. Take yourself well in advance so that the influencer can be available at the desired time for your event. And didn't raise it for a few weeks. To have a faster response time, the secret and arouse the interest of influencers.

Capture the interest of influencers.

The objective of this final step is to interest influencers. For that the collaboration must be as attractive and original as possible. The objective is to seduce them.
Here is a series of examples:

  • During your events, you can invite them free, to share with them, a good time around your brand. The point is to learn about each of you, to make good connections. Logically it goes very well, because you share the same passion. With this type of action you also give them the opportunity to develop their network.
  • The great classic, now inevitable, sending samples exclusively. The discovery in preview of the new product, makes it possible to make known the products to the communities of the influencers by praising the benefits and the advantages of the products. Very often the promotion of the product is done through a video.
  • Influencers do not necessarily like projects that have already been completed in advance. The proposal to collaborate on joint projects are likely to interest them.
  • As previously mentioned, exclusivity, influencers love. It is a good lever to convince them to follow them in your project. For example, just delivering exclusive information to their own network helps to establish their position as influencers.
  • If you have competitors, who want to wrest the influencer that you value, if you have the funds, it is possibly possible to resort to an economic remuneration. Often it is large groups like Adidas, because they have large budgets and they want to associate their product ranges with specific lifestyles. It is the athletes who are the most expensive, due to their fame.

With these tips and tools in hand, you are ready to identify, select, contact and convince an influencer to collaborate with you. Then no longer waited to launch you. The long-term benefits for your reputation and brand image are far from negligible.



Frequently Asked Questions

The right influencer can be found on the web, so it is necessary to do research on the net. This step takes time, because it is necessary to scour Twitter accounts, watch hours of videos on YouTube, read blogs associated with your theme...

Collecting data will allow you to personalize the first email or Twitter DM you send them. It is essential to write clear messages, to expose legibly your name, your company, and your status. Do not forget to explicitly highlight your proposal. Without these essential elements, your message will go straight into the trash. Go straight to the point and be transparent!

- Build relationships at events where you invite them to get to know them. - Sending exclusive samples. - Solicit collaboration on projects. - It is eventually possible to resort to an economic remuneration.

3 criteria should be taken into consideration: 1. The influencer must gather an active community 2. The community must be substantial 3. The audience must share the same interest in the theme your brand is addressing.

Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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