9 essential tools to complement your online store

by Nicolas Chevillard on 7/07/2022

Updated at 8/02/2023

If you have ever created an  online store , you must have a lot of work around it. For instance, tasks that take up a lot of your time and you may still make the mistake of doing certain tasks one by one. On the contrary when all of the tasks could be fully automated. 

This is why today we are going to talk to you about 9 essential tools in addition to your online store, these different tools will allow you to automate repetitive tasks, with real time analysis to improve your online store. 

You can automatically program the real-time redesign of your online store so that the most relevant products are displayed according to the type of visitor browsing your store. Let's start directly with the first tool.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that will analyze the audience of your online store. It will allow you to recover useful data for the improvement of your online store.Here are the most important data items that Google Analytics will provide you with: 

  • number of visitors
  • origin
  • number of page views
  • time spent on the site
  • bounce rate... 

This tool is very advanced. You can add hundreds of filters to refine the accuracy of your online store's analysis.

You can also fully customize the Google Analytics interface by creating different dashboards, including the different statistics most relevant to you and the analysis of your online store.

Google Analytics has more features other than audience measurement, such as email alerts in the event that could increase traffic to your online store. 


Mailchimp is one of the most famous tools on the emailing market, it will allow you to manage your contacts, your emails and your marketing actions with respect to your online store.

This platform has a real integrated CRM to manage your contacts and allows, thanks to a table of your audience, to identify the different interests of your visitors to set up relevant actions on your online store. 

In addition, Mailchimp has a complete editor to create emails for your campaigns related to your online store through a Drag and Drop system. This platform is therefore perfect for you if you do not have knowledge of code in order to establish email campaigns around your online store. 

Mailchimp is best known for specializing in the automation of your various marketing actions, for example: sending a welcome email when registering, sending an email on a subscriber's birthday to the Newsletter of your online store or even the sending of product recommendation emails or order confirmation on your online store.


Schedule social media posts

Buffer is a tool that will allow you to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts in order to promote your brand and your products available on your online store. It is possible with Buffer to publish and schedule your different posts from a single dashboard.

Buffer is much more advanced when it comes to Instagram, since many more options are available there such as adding location, hashtag recommendations in order to reach as many people as possible for your online store. But also the publication of a first comment on a new post.

Analyze your results and create reports

In addition, Buffer provides you with an analysis service that allows you to measure the performance of your various accounts on social networks. Buffer also offers different analyzes for your online store if it is carried out with Shopify. Finally, the tool will also offer you strategic recommendations,, followed by the analysis, which will then allow you to improve your posts and the way you promote the products of your online store. 


SEMrush will provide you with a set of functionalities for monitoring and analyzing your online store, such as: monitoring its positioning on search engines or analyzing the online stores of your various competitors. 

You can also do an audit of your online store in order to detect the various errors in it that would harm users or your SEO referencing on search engines. Following this audit, SEMrush will offer you, each time, the possible solutions and help you in correcting the errors on your online store.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, or in French “If this, then that”. IFTTT will allow you to interconnect many applications as well as automate tasks with many conditions and consequences.

With this platform, you will be able to set up different triggers for several actions. For example, let's imagine that a new lead is generated on your online store, you can choose to automate the fact that this new lead is directly integrated in your CRM, but also added to your emailing solution contact list. or retargeting with new product proposals available on your online store.

The IFTTT tool can now connect to more than 630 applications such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Youtube, Salesforce, Todoist, Mailchimp, DropBox, and even Amazon Alexa. It is therefore an essential tool to improve your efficiency and productivity in your online store.


Canva is a tool that will allow you to create an unlimited number of visual designs from a large library of templates. This will be a formidable tool for your online store since Canva will allow you to create designs for your different products quickly.

This platform offers a Drag and Drop system when creating graphic elements which makes the tool very easy to use. You will be able to easily make the posts of your social networks or the different visuals for your online store.

With Canva you can also create:

  • designer logos,
  • a visual identity,
  • visit cards,
  • Paperbacks,
  • flyers,
  • flyers,
  • infographics,
  • resumes,
  • posters,
  • various A4 documents.

In addition, Canva provides a large library of images whether for your social networks or your visuals on your online store. 

Canva also offers you the possibility of creating videos without having specific knowledge of editing, which can be perfect if you want to create different advertisements or short videos about your products on your online store.


Target2sell is a platform that will give you personalized recommendations for your online store. Concretely, this platform will make it possible to offer visitors to your online store products, specifically chosen according to the user.

Target2sell is therefore a platform that automates the proposal of the right product at the right time. You will therefore be able to play on almost all the key levers of the profitability of an online store:

  •  The amount of the average basket on your online store
  •  The conversion rate
  •  The margin (by overweighting the products on your online store with a good margin)
  •  Stock management (by overweighting the products on an online store according to the stock)
  •  Loyalty and repurchase frequency on an online store

We can go even further on this subject since by thinking, it is possible to customize most of the pages of your online store, even those that we do not think of. 

If your online store is well personalized, it is then as if it were dynamically updated over the visit of the Internet user so that he finds as quickly as possible what he is looking for on the online store. and so that encourages him to buy and come back.


Kameleoon is a well-known platform in the field of A/B testing and personalization. Kameleoon will allow you to offer personalized experiences on your online store for a targeted audience, but also to set up A/B tests to improve your conversion rates.

Following the implementation of the A/B test on your online store, all visitor data will then be collected and analyzed by the tool in order to then help you choose the most efficient version to integrate into your online store. line.

In addition to this, Kameleoon offers a segmentation of the different profiles of your visitors. Following this, you can adapt your offers, your messages, and your content in real time according to the likeness of the visitor's profile established,thanks to their journeys on your Online Store. Another interesting feature of Kameleoon, you can also identify visitors who are ready to leave your online store and therefore trigger an action that could make them stay.


Finally, BeezUp is a tool that will allow you to manage all the flows of your online store. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to easily access marketplaces, optimize SEA campaigns, set up affiliation or even improve your retargeting marketing actions with products from your online store.

BeezUp offers the centralization of more than 2,000 distribution channels such as: AliExpress, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, Fruugo, Google Shopping, TripAdvisor.

Here are the most interesting features offered by BeezUP:

  • online store multi- management: With Beezup, you can manage an infinite number of online stores, while navigating between them quickly.
  • Catalog tracking:  BeezUp also offers different elements when you import a catalog, such as import history, different alerts in case of errors on an online store. 
  • statistics: You have at your disposal a dashboard that offers you all the data necessary for the marketing analysis of your online store.
  • inventory management: BeezUp also offers a solution to manage all inventory on your online store as well as on the various marketplaces

BeezUP offers the possibility of sharing access to your online store with a team or external partners.

You can now use the tools that will be helpful to you while improving your online store. Most of these tools will be essential to improve productivity, efficiency or simply make your tasks around your online store easier.

If you want to know more about the subject or if you want to have your online store developed by an agency specialized in this field for 10 years, do not hesitate to consult this  service page or simply contact us for a free consultation and support tailored to your needs and your budget. 

We are a web marketing agency specializing in web development and SEO and we have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and move to the 1st page of online search results. 

While waiting for the next column, if you have any questions, call us . 

See you soon

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