7 tips to optimize your google ads campaigns in 2022

7 tips to optimize your google ads campaigns in 2022

by Nicolas Chevillard on 13/07/2022

Updated at 7/02/2023

Today, Google Ads advertising has become an essential strategy whether it is to make yourself known on the Internet, sell your products, or even offer your services. Companies have developed a lot of strategies to make their Google Ads campaigns more efficient and to stand out from the competition with online advertisements. We are therefore going to give you 7 tips for optimizing your Google Ads campaigns in order to create successful Google Ads ads at a lower cost. 

Contents :

  1. The possibilities of advertising networks: Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display
  2. Check your Click Through Rate constantly
  3. Write effective online advertisements on Google Ads
  4. Choose your keywords wisely and pay attention to their quality level
  5. Make good use of Google Ads ad extensions
  6. Take advantage of different Google audiences
  7. Create powerful structures for your Google Ads campaigns

1. The possibilities of advertising networks: Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display

There are many networks at your disposal such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, Youtube, and even Discovery. You can even combine these different ad networks for more performance. For example, you can connect your Youtube channel to your Google Ads account to collect data and then analyze it to improve. We advise you to try these different networks to familiarize yourself with them and analyze which ones bring you the most traffic with a good conversion rate. 

>2. Check your Click through Rate constantly

Click Through Rate or in simple language, the interaction rate of your Google Ads ads. This is calculated as the number of times your online ads are clicked on, divided by the number of impressions. 

To begin with, we advise you to always monitor your CTR. Here are the “good” Click Through Rates according to the different advertising networks:

  • Above 5% for Google Search
  • Above 1% for Google Shopping 
  • Above 1.5% for Google Display 
  • Above 1.2% for YouTube Ads 

In addition, a high CTR then reflects the high relevance of your Google Ads ad when it is displayed to users, but also the relevance of the page to which your visitors are brought.

We advise you to use a rather effective method which consists in targeting only one keyword for each group of online advertisements , which will boost your Click Through Rate.

3. Write effective online advertisements on Google Ads

Writing ads on Google Ads is one of the key steps in your advertising campaigns. We are therefore going to give you some tips for successfully writing your Google Ads ads:

  • Remember to place your keywords in your Google Ads ads 

Be aware that Google will analyze the content of online advertising in order to classify them according to their relevance to Internet users' searches. If your keywords are present, on the one hand, Google will consider your Google Ads ad relevant and therefore have a high chance of appearing. On the other hand, if the content of this one corresponds perfectly to the search of the Internet user, then your online advertisement will most likely be clicked by this one.

  • Encourage users to action

You must imperatively encourage Internet users to take action using imperative verbs such as: Discover, Ask, Click, Call… Most of the time, these inciting texts are placed on “Call To Action”. 

  • Highlight your rates and promotions

Depending on your area of expertise, it is sometimes a good idea to display the price of your products or services directly in your Google Ads ads if they are attractive. In addition, this method is interesting so that Internet users do not click on your Google Ads ad (and therefore make you lose money) and then leave your site because the price was too high compared to what they expected.

This method can be interesting in 2 cases. The first, if you want to highlight promotions which are formidable to attract customers since you create a sense of urgency. The second is to qualify the traffic you attract as mentioned above, in order to give them all the information possible before they click on your online advertisement.

While if your prices are not necessarily attractive or competitive, you will surely opt to bring a user, thanks to this online advertising, to a page with convincing and explanatory content before revealing your prices.

  • Stand out from the competition!

Your company is necessarily different from the competition on certain points, so do not hesitate to highlight them. Whether it's the history of your company, or your different experiences, the way you work or the origin of your products.

In each Google Ads ad group, remember to include at least 3 ads. 

  • Two text ads each with 3 titles and 2 descriptions
  • A responsive ad with 14 titles and 3 descriptions

This responsive Google Ads ad will allow you to establish different combinations of titles and descriptions in order to display the most relevant and effective online advertisements.

4. Choose your keywords well and pay attention to their quality level

When you post ads, Google gives you a score out of 10 for each of the keywords you buy. This note will define the price you will have to pay for a keyword, this is calculated according to the relevance of your online advertising as well as the page to which it leads, with this keyword. This is why you must always watch over your level of quality. In order to check this, you must go to the “keywords” part of your Google Ads campaign, then click on “columns” to find the “quality score” tab. 

Here are the different elements that will be used by Google to calculate your score: 

  • the relevance between the purchased keyword and your online advertising,
  • the relevance between the content of the page to which the Internet user will be taken and your Google Ads ad,
  • the speed and optimization of your website.

For a successful Google Ads campaign, you need to choose the right keywords. So here are some tips we give our clients when it comes to finding relevant keywords related to their field.

  • Put yourself in your customers' shoes : You need to think about what keywords your customers will type into the search bar in order to find your product or service.
  • Short or long tail: There are 2 types of keywords, short tail keywords which are therefore the most popular and with the most competition and long tail keywords which are much more specific and therefore with much less competitiveness. Let's take the example of a shop selling computer equipment. A short tail keyword would be: “laptop computer”, on this request, there will be a lot of research and therefore competitiveness. While a long tail keyword would be: “24 inch white windows computer”, these long tail keywords are interesting since there is almost no competition. You can therefore place yourself on many specific keywords like these, at a lower cost and have a few visitors thanks to each of these keywords.
  • Analyze your keywords : When you think a keyword suits your area of expertise, do a search for it on Google, if the results are consistent with the products and services you offer then you can keep otherwise remove it from your list for your Google Ads ads. 
  • Keyword planning tool: This tool, available on your Google Ads Account, will allow you to find new ideas for keywords, but also to have access to a lot of information such as the number of monthly searches, the index competitive as well as the bid estimates on the keywords.

The keywords you are going to integrate can have several match types. Match types give you control over how keywords can be triggered by user searches. Several types of matches are available:

Once you've chosen your keywords, you'll need to choose the match type for each one. Match types let you choose how your Google Ads ad can be triggered based on what people search for. Here are the different types of matches available on Google Ads: 

  • Broad match: Synonyms and searches associated with your keywords can trigger your online advertising.
  • Modified broad match: By adding a “+” to the left of your keyword, this will allow you to display your online advertising as soon as these words are present in the searches of Internet users.
  • “Exact phrase”: By adding “quotes” around your keywords, your Google Ads ad will only be triggered if the order of your keyword is in the user's query.
  • [Exact keyword] : By adding [brackets], your online advertisement will only be triggered if it is the exact keyword. Even if sometimes Google Ads chooses to show you on queries where the meaning of your keyword is kept.

5. Make good use of Google Ads ad extensions

Online advertising extensions are very important for your Google Ads advertising, since they bring quality to the Google Ads ad, adding detail about your products or services and more visibility. Extensions must above all be related to the product or service you are selling.

Here are the different extensions possible with Google Ads:

  • Site link extensions: This will allow you to increase the size of your advertising by leaving less visibility to your competitors; you can add links in your online advertising to different pages of your website (4 maximum).
  • Hook extensions: Thanks to this type of extension, you will be able to highlight specific products.
  • Extensions for promotions: These extensions are most often used for e-commerce sites since you can display promo codes or your advantageous promotions.
  • Call extensions: It is possible to put your phone number in this extension to be directly called by potential customers. This method is often efficient for the sale of services or to make a reservation.
  • Price extensions: Thanks to this extension, you can directly display the price of your products or services. In different cases, this can be attractive or only informative so that the Internet user is directly informed of the price of your product.
  • Image extensions: You can display an image in the eyes of the Internet user so that he can project himself before clicking on your Google Ads ad.

6. Take advantage of different Google audiences

With all the data provided by Google, you have the possibility of creating different types of audience according to age, the affinity of people towards your products or the purchase intention of Internet users calculated according to the number of searches they may have done on Google related to your product. You can also choose to target profiles close to your current customers for your online advertisements.

To create an audience type, go to the “Audience management” tab and then configure a custom segment. 

7. Create effective structures for your Google Ads campaigns

Now that you know how to create a Google Ads campaign and how keywords work, we'll see how to create an effective structure for your Google Ads campaigns. 

Here is an optimal structure for your Google Ads campaigns: 

In your campaign, you will have access to various parameters such as: networks, languages, geographical areas, bidding strategy, distribution schedule for your online advertisements or even the adjustment of bids according to the devices.

In 2022, with the many smart bidding strategies, the most optimal method is still to group keywords into broad ad groups, while using the Google Ads ad customizer with the {Keyword:} tag which will replace the user's search with the triggered keyword.

Now you're ready to optimize your Google campaigns to include all the strategies that best align with your business goals.

We recommend our article which shows you how to properly manage your Google Ads budget and set good bids .

Moreover, if you would like to know more about the subject or wish to improve your marketing campaigns do not hesitate to consult this service page or simply contact us for a free consultation and personalized support for your personalized requirement and your budget. 

We are an agency specialized in marketing and we have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and to increase their conversion rates. 

See you soon, for a next article.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Vérifier votre Click Through Rate, 2. Rédiger des publicité Google Ads efficaces, 3. Bien choisir ses mots-clés et leur qualité, 4. Bien utiliser les extensions, 5. Profitez des différentes audiences, 6. Créer des structures performantes

Au-dessus de 5 % pour Google Search, Au-dessus de 1 % pour Google Shopping, Au-dessus de 1,5 % pour Google Display, Au-dessus de 1,2 % pour YouTube Ads

Placez vos mots-clés dans vos annonce Google Ads, incitez les utilisateurs à l’action, mettez en avant vos tarifs et promotion, démarquez vous de la concurrence

La pertinence entre le mot-clé acheté et votre publicité Google Ads, la pertinence entre le contenu de la page vers laquelle va être amené l’internaute et votre annonce Google Ads, la vitesse et l’optimisation de votre site web.

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