6 Advantages of Digital Marketing

6 Advantages of Digital Marketing

by Joe Shara on 15/10/2018

Updated at 10/12/2022

Marketing is one of the most important activities for the development of a product and its acceptance by the customer. Until very recently, conventional marketing has dominated practices in all industries. This approach, which often requires the use of a significant amount of money and a well-planned strategy, is nowadays increasingly neglected with the power and performance offered by Digital Marketing.

Indeed, since the world has found new ideas and strategies using the Internet as a communication tool, it has given a new dimension to all companies. The web has broken down all the barriers that prevented us from connecting with the rest of the world. It has brought us closer to everything, and all companies around the world and people around the world can now benefit from the emergence of the concept of Internet marketing or digital marketing.

Web marketing can help you boost your sales and product growth in a way you could never have hoped for. You're probably wondering how it is, aren't you?

So, let's not waste any more time, here are some fundamental reasons that make digital marketing the solution to integrate into any marketing strategy.

1. It is more affordable.

There was a time in our lives when we had to have huge amounts of money to reach the masses and get our messages across. Whether it was to sell a product or offer a service, you had to unlock significant dollars to be present,

  • On TV
  • On the radio
  • On billboards/posters
  • In newspapers/magazines
  • Etc.

Today, thanks to digital marketing, you can have a much stronger online presence than you would normally have had in regular media channels, but with exponentially lower investments. With tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and Insgram Ads, Amazon, and the list goes on, it is now very affordable to compete with giants in your industry and find your place in the sun, even in times of recession.

2. It optimizes your time and exposes you to a wider audience.

It is easier to market your product by doing your campaigns through the web. This is what we call digital marketing. It significantly reduces time consumption compared to conventional strategies. In addition, you will certainly reach a larger number of customers through the Internet, because today we see 80% of Internet traffic is from a mobile phone.

3. It allows you to target your customers with unparalleled accuracy.

The best feature of digital marketing is that it attracts customers' attention much faster and more effectively than traditional strategies. This is because this type of marketing allows you to focus only on the audience you are targeting, which certainly has an interest in your product or service.


4. It simplifies the way you communicate.

Internet marketing gives you the opportunity to leverage strengths to strengthen your customers engagement. This can help you increase the chances of attracting customer attention and therefore, convert them into product sales in a much shorter period of time. In addition, it also acts as a bridge between the customer and your company and therefore serves as a link between you, thus facilitating communication.

5. It allows you to customize your customers' experience.

Thanks to Digital Marketing, companies come to know the tastes and dislikes of their consumers and consequently, try to introduce new technologies into the development of their products. In this way, digital marketing also indirectly influences product development and the implementation of innovative ideas, especially since it is advisable for technical manufacturing staff to design a product according to public demand.

6. Enhances your brand image

When we talk about service, we must also talk about brand image. A company with the best marketing practices must be able to offer and guarantee its customers excellent service. In this sense, good practices improve customer satisfaction and, consequently, customer acceptance. By applying digital marketing in a way that respects its art, you will attract the attention of buyers and thanks to your good reputation, you will always make them look for your products.


We can therefore tell you with certainty, that since the popularized web has existed in our homes, we are constantly looking for the latest news, watching the latest video of our favorite artist, following the latest posts to comment on them, or simply showing that we exist. We even manage to do all our shopping online. The web has transformed our lives, so it is difficult for a company looking for growth to remain competitive without the use of digital marketing. We must therefore accept this evidence and conclude by saying this:

The use of digital marketing strategies in a company's marketing activity may be its only guarantee of survival and resistance in the age of time. At Oshara we can help you meet these challenges. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- On TV 2- On the radio 3- On billboards/posters 4- In newspapers/magazines

1- Social networks 2- Email marketing 3- Online advertising campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Ads..)

1. It is more affordable. 2. It optimizes your time and exposes you to a larger customer base. 3. It allows you to target your customers with unparalleled precision. 4. It simplifies the way you communicate. 5. It allows you to personalize your customers' experience. 6. Enhances your brand image

Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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