15 good technical practices to make your site more visible

15 good technical practices to make your site more visible

by Sidick Allaladé on 17/06/2022

Updated at 27/03/2023

Having your website online is good, but receiving traffic is better, and receiving quality traffic and conversions can be simply enjoyable. Well, I'm exaggerating, but we agree that having a website that sells a lot is great. It however seems like an untiring job. Nowadays businesses outsource their web marketing and digital marketing services to a good web marketing agency oragence web marketing

To get quality traffic, you need to be visible online, and to be visible online, you either do pay per click advertising or improve your organic SEO, in order to be on the first page on search engines. .

Here are some best practices to follow to improve your online positioning.


1- Check that you are using the HTTP/2 protocol

This is rather technical, but is nothing complicated, you just need to check if your host supports this protocol. Basically this protocol is faster and more secure than the previous HTTP, and they are used to establish data communication between web servers and clients (web browser).You can also take help of a custom software solutions

2- Check that your site is unique and available in HTTPS

If your website uses the HTTPS/2 protocol, you therefore automatically have an SSL certificate, and you have several reasons for having an SSL certificate, and you have several reasons for having an SSL certificate . However, it is not uncommon for your website to always be accessible in HTTP mode, so be sure to ensure that any HTTP request made to your website is redirected to HTTPS. Take help of custom software solutions by Oshara.ca.

3- Create and verify your robots.txt file

This file directs search engines about certain guidelines to follow. Kind of like calling a plumber to fix your bathroom, once he gets there, you show him your bathroom, and what he needs to fix. It's a bit the same thing in natural referencing, the search engine robots consult this file when there is one, in order to know how to analyze the different elements of your website, such as the web pages of your site, images, videos, videos, files and any other media available on your website.

In general, it contains at least the source of your sitemap.xml file , and the portions of your site that you do not want indexed by search engines. Sometimes the custom software solutions will save time from creating more problems in files. 

4- Make sure you have a version of your domain.ca

Your website must be available when users run: www.yourwebsite.ca , or simply yourwebsite.ca. However, only one of these two (02) urls must be active. So if you want yourwebsite.ca to be your main url, when a request for www.yourwebsite.ca is made, the user will be immediately redirected to the site without www.

5- Consolidate duplicate urls with canonical attributes

Canonical attributes are used to indicate to search engines that this is a copy of a page and indicates the url of the master page. This is important and practical for your SEO because it allows you to avoid duplicate content.

6- Avoid content with Iframes or Javascript

The iframes are actually the integration of another site into yours a bit like below with Google.

While JavaScript is a scripting language widely used in the web that allows to make web pages interactive.

These 2 methods to display content that you want to reference, are to be avoided. Because search engine robots cannot suck up the content of an iframe or a JavaScript.

7- Integrate social meta tags

Also on the web, each social network does its own promotion, and invites you to share on their platform. This type of tag allows you to specify the content (images and text) to use when sharing.

There are also other tags recommended by these social networks, but which rather allow them to share analytical data, for example with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use meta tag length checker to optimize site SEO.

8- Set up the Structured Data Schema

Schema structured data are tags that you can add to your website to improve its reading by the search engine. 

There are different types. And visually in search engines to this

9- Set up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As you can imagine, accelerated mobile pages render faster. When you have it, Google robots will favor the AMP page format in search results. Note that AMP in itself is not a SEO factor, but the speed of your website is. How to get it perfectly? Well it takes multiple attempts to get perfect SEO on a page: however,if you get some consultations from a seo agency, you will save your time and money in getting noticed on the world wide internet.

10- Use the no index and nofollow tags correctly

The no index tags are used to tell search engine robots that this page should not appear in the results of these engines, and that if this is the case, serious robots like Google or Bing must remove the results from their result list.

The big difference with the robot.txt file is that the use of NO INDEX does not prevent search engine robots from analyzing the page.

Nofollow tags are mainly used to indicate to search engines that the fact that you put a link to external content should not be considered as a vote on your part in favor of this content.

11- Check the pages of your website indexed by Google

Google has several super handy search operators. One of these is: pages indexed by google.

This query will give you the number of pages indexed by Google for your website, but also how each of its pages are displayed in search engines.

12- Geotag your photos

Google uses several methods to determine the location of an image, the fact of adding coordinates to it sees additional location signals to Google, which allows it to better determine the relevance of the display of an image in the search results. This is very convenient for local SEO.

13- Use a cache solution on your servers

Cache solutions allow you to locally save a version of your media (Html, images, videos, etc.), which means that during a next request, the page runs much faster because it performs fewer server queries. Since the speed of your website matters for your SEO, this method allows you to improve not only the speed but also the SEO of your website. Seo Montreal company can help with custom software solutions.

14- Enable Gzip compression

Compression in general makes it lighter, and in the web lighter means faster, Gzip compressing your code improves the speed of your website.

15- Use a Content Delivery Network CDN

CDNs display the content of your web page, based on the geographical location of the search, through its content delivery network, in a set of servers around the world.

Again this method allows you to improve the speed of your website.

Sidick Allaladé

Sidick Allalade, is Chief Technology Officer at Oshara INC and co-founder of the Osortoo web application. He loves solving complex IT problems, coding and everything IT. He has a good knowledge of online marketing and IT Governance, Audit and Security.
His experience spans hundreds of projects with companies of all sizes which makes him a valuable asset on any team.

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